My Own Ghost lançará primeiro álbum "Love Kills" em 10 de outubro

"Admirably accomplished female fronted rock/pop out of Luxembourg...
Evanescence meets Fleetwood Mac with indie touches" - The Dublin
Castle, Camden, UK

On October 10th, 2014, the Luxembourgish/German band My Own Ghost
releases their debut album "Love Kills" via Secret Entertainment. The
songs by My Own Ghost can best be described as dynamic pop rock, with
a throbbing groove laid out by Michael's drums, Joe's bass and two
powerful guitars. The melodic, yet powerful female voice wraps the 13
songs into a softer shell. The album is furthermore marked by
electronic influences, leading to an interesting mix. All the members
of My Own Ghost contribute to the songwriting, creating thus a vast
variety on "Love Kills" due to the musicians' different backgrounds,
ranging from pop to metal. Having taken in charge most of the
recording and mixing on their own, My Own Ghost relied on Markus Teske
from Bazement Studio in Germany, renowned for his quality work on
albums of Vanden Plas, Symphony X, Spock's Beard and Patrick Rondat,
to record drums, execute an additional mix and to sign responsible for
the mastering of the album.

My Own Ghost has been founded in 2013. Joining Fred Brever, Joe May
and David Soppelsa in this ambitious project are vocalist Julie
Rodesch (Providers, Seven Days On Fire) and German drummer Michael
Stein, best known for his work with Red Circuit. In no time, the band
hit the stages of Luxembourg and already had a stint in the UK,
playing amongst others at the famous Dublin Castle in Camden Town.
After their return to Luxembourg, the quintet opened for the likes of
Ivy Quainoo and Isaac Roosevelt.

"Love Kills" is the outcome of countless hours devoted to songwriting
and countless hours spent on the meticulous recording of the album,
combined with the determined will and skills of five musicians, ready
to go all the way. From the energetic opener "Crimson Ground" to the
anthemic doublebass-driven "Intoxicated", the songs on "Love Kills"
take the listener on a journey from the electronic beats of "Beautiful
Mistake" and "Broken Mirror" to the piano-driven rock of "Silence" and
the first single "Crystal Ball", via Cure-influenced danceable songs
like "Lost" and "Bad Love". After having penned a deal with Secret
Entertainment from Finland, My Own Ghost will promote the album by
touring through different European countries, starting with a planned
tour through Germany in October 2014 with a show at Berlin's Sage Club
already confirmed at this stage.

Track list:
01. Crimson Ground
02. Lost
03. Waiting In The Wings
04. Crystal Ball
05. Bad Love
06. Beautiful Mistake
07. Silence
08. Free Fall
09. Pathways
10. Broken Mirror
11. Born In Fire
13. Intoxicated


Julie Rodesch - Vocals
Fred Brever - Guitars
David Soppelsa - Guitars
Joe May - Bass
Michael Stein - Drums

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